RadheKrishna Sathsangam
                            Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
                           Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

                                       RadheKrishna Satsangam

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"The highest dharma in Kali Yuga is Bhagawan Nama Japam. Getting Bhagawan Nama Deeksha from a Sadguru is very auspicious. Come whatever, never stop chanting Bhagawan Nama and you will realize Lord." - Pujya Sri Sri Guruji Amma 

RadheKrishna - Listed below are Guruji Amma's Upanysams/Bhajans/Bhagawan Nama Chanting. Click the Title Heading to play the entire You Tube Play List set. You can also click on links below a topic to listen to individual parts.

                                                        Guruji Amma - Bhagawan Nama Chanting


                                                                              Guruji Amma - Bhajans

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                                                    Guruji Amma - Upanyasms (Short, 15-30 Minutes)

RadheKrishna - The audio content below may be of low audio quality since they were recorded a decade back and also due to other reasons. Kindly consider using speakers/head phones as appropriate.


                                                                     Guruji Amma - Videos                                                 

"This body is temporary. We need to remember often that we cannot take even one bit of the material we earned by various means. The only thing that will accompany us when we leave our physical body is Bhagawan Nama Japam." -   Pujya Sri Sri Guruji Amma

"The role a woman plays in shaping up her family is extremely important. Women should ensure they do their duties to the family per our dharma sastras." - Pujya Sri Sri Guruji Amma

"When it comes to Bhakthi all are equal, do not compete with others in Bhakthi or think you are inferior or superior to anyone. Indulging in these acts defeats the very purpose of Bhakthi and distances us from Bhagawan by a very long way." - Pujya Sri Sri Guruji Amma